Designer and Manufacturer of Rotation Fixtures

Flotron designs and manufacturers ergonomic rotation fixtures and circuit card extractor hand tools. Flotron’s rotation fixtures are utilized for assembly, integration, test, transportation and finish applications. In addition to an off the shelf catalog product line, Flotron has the capability to modify our catalog products and provide custom mechanical ground support equipment (MGSE) and engineered aerospace tooling solutions. Our goal is to maximize safety, ergonomics and throughput of the technicians’ process and minimize risk of damage to high value hardware.

Our engineering team has experience meeting a variety of customer applications including; small satellite production line assembly fixtures, manual composite layup fixtures, composite paint fixtures and RF testing fixtures. We believe in improving processes for our customers’ technicians through the application of ergonomic rotation. Our products consider safety factors and stability criteria and are backed by our tool design engineers’ decades of experience, engineering expertise, powerful standalone Ansys stress analysis software and computer aided design tools.

Flotron has been in business since 1957 and we are ready to support your team with an Off-the-Shelf, Modified Standard, or Custom Solution.