Load Rating: 3,750 lbs

Stroke: 6"

The Model LJ-3750 shown is typical and representative of the LJ-3750 Models.

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Product Features

  • Safety Factor: SFy=3 and SFu=5
  • Rated Load Capacity:
    • Simultaneous 3,750 lbs. (1,701 kg.) vertical load and 1,875 lb (850 kg.) side load in any direction.
  • Operating Temperature: +32° to +104°F (0 to +40 °C).
    • Contact factory for special applications with extended operating temperatures.
  • Materials: Steel and aluminum construction. Stainless steel fasteners. Bronze nut.
  • Finish: Steel and aluminum parts nickel plated.
  • Hand Crank: 8" long removable crank to reveal a 3/8" square drive input. When the handle is removed, the jack can be raised/lowered with a standard hand drill (300 rpm max non-impact). For hand crank orientation options click here
  • Input Clutch: Pre-set at Flotron to prevent damage to the jack at the end of travel.
  • Leveling Feet: The standard jack has a rubber pad on bottom of jack ram to accommodate 0.50° max floor deviation per jack. For additional leveling foot options for severely uneven floors, click here.
  • Lubricants: Synco super lube grease standard on screw threads. All other bearings or gears are either self-lubricating or sealed. For additional lubricant options, click here
  • Turns per inch lift: 20 turns of handle per inch lift of jack

As Flotron is constantly improving products and methods of manufacturing, we reserve the right to modify and/or change design or specifications without notice. Please contact Flotron for verification of critical dimensions and specifications.

For more information on specifying a jack, see the JACK OPTIONS page and JACK CREATING A MODEL NUMBER pdf.

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