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Flotron’s PCB Extractor Tool – Specifications

Flotron’s engineered extraction hand tools are designed to remove even the most complex of circuit card assemblies (CCAs)that require high extraction forces.

Flotron works with customers such as Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Honeywell, Harris Corporation, and Boeing. We pride ourselves on meeting our customers’ demands in short lead times. Flotron’s time proven design and quality means that with our internally guided extractors you pull the boards straight out, virtually eliminating breakage or damage that is typically associated with lesser quality products. The high load attainable with a “hand grip” action and the elimination of the tendency to jam yields an ergonomic design with much lower chance of creating musculoskeletal disorders. It also reduces the extraction task time to a few seconds while reducing the risk of injury to the employee and to the board. Additionally, Flotron extractor tools can be ordered with an ESD handle made of “electrostatic dissipative” plastic. This handle allows an ESD path from the metal extractor components (that interface with the sensitive electronic boards) to the operator’s hand (which should be grounded with an ESD wrist strap). NOTE: For additional background on extractor ergonomics or designs where ESD is a concern see the Technical Section.

Whether you need to safely pull boards with high extraction force or you are designing flight hardware where weight and space are at an absolute premium, Flotron has the proven solution. Week in and week out our design team is working with several of the major aerospace companies in the nation to develop separate and specific extraction tools that are used during assembly or maintenance, a must for this industry. The vast majority of our customers are either repeat customers or referrals and our flexibility, solution orientation and ease of doing business are the key factors behind their return.

Flotron’s industry standard extractors use our off-the-shelf delrin handle. The pick-up bars and bracketsare designed around your requirements from the information supplied by you on the Flotron Extractor Design Form.

Frequently requested standard construction options from our customers are:

  • Standard Delrin or ESD Handle
  • Standard or Extended Travel Handle
  • Double handled extractor construction
  • Electro-polished stainless steel bracket & pick-up bar
  • Black oxide coated steel bracket & pick-up bar
  • Trigger lock lever
  • Handle covers to minimize pinch points
  • Handle mounted pusher for inserting board
  • Low force return spring

Other custom construction options which have been requested from our customers:

  • Multiple application extractor
  • Integral machined pick-up bar, bracket, handle or other parts
  • Levers to increase mechanical pull in extremely high extraction force applications
  • Inserter for assembly of board into connectors (force is reversed from an extractor)
  • Special metal finishes such as:
    • Anodize on aluminum (corrosion and abrasion resistance)
    • Chem-film on aluminum (corrosion resistance with conductivity for ESD applications
    • Paint on steel (corrosion resistance)


With our 40-year history of helping customers design and build extractors, you can be assured that your requirements will most likely be centered around one of our existing standard or custom fabricated tools. The use of preexisting designs allows us to keep the cost of tooling and fabrication at an absolute minimum. Regardless of the application or its complexity, Flotron can provide you with the best support, fastest turn around and highest quality extractors available today. Flotron welcomes the opportunity of working with you and meeting your needs. For clarification of terms or phrases, please see the Extractors and Inserters Definitions page.
Here are a few things the industry has to say about Flotron’s extractors and inserters: