Dual Support / 600 Series

Flotron’s 600 series holding fixtures are standard off-the-shelf units and are offered in three models with single beam configurations. They can be supplied with either heavy-duty gearboxes to handle large, off-center loads during assembly stages, or with split babbitted bearings to accommodate frames with stub shafts. These models are especially suited for handling large assemblies of lighter weights such as wire harness boards and solar panels. See below for comparative data on the different 600 series models and click on any image for additional information about a particular fixture.


Load Rating: 500 lbs
Swing Radius: 39.0”
Max Torque: 1,275 in-lbs
Easy Crank: 700 in-lbs


Load Rating: 760 lbs
Swing Radius: 36.3”
Max Torque: 5,400 in-lbs
Easy Crank: 2,000 in-lbs


Load Rating: 400 lbs
Swing Radius: 48.5”
Max Torque: 5,400 in-lbs
Easy Crank: 2,000 in-lbs


Load Rating: 520 lbs
Swing Radius: 66.5”
Max Torque: 5,400 in-lbs
Easy Crank: 3,000 in-lbs