Caltech Astronomy Is Assembling & Testing the Fiber Positioning Robot Modules for the Subaru Telescope.

A module from the Subaru Prime Focus Spectrograph (PFS) at Caltech Astronomy is supported by a Flotron 202 benchtop Rotation Fixture during assembly, integration and test operations. Each module consists of (quantity 57) Ø7.7mm x 10 cm long fiber positioning robots, nicknamed “Cobra”

Cantilevered Satellite Integration Fixture

There are cases where spacecraft integration requires an access hole thru the payload mounting interface. This access may be required for instrument integration, propulsion integration, spacecraft wiring … etc. To provide a scale of the size of the Flotron represented in the image below, the available payload swing diameter (as measured from the rotation centerline) […]

Planetary Resources’ Arkyd-6 Spacecraft Is Assembled & Tested

Planetary Resources’ Arkyd-6 Spacecraft is assembled and tested on a Flotron 212 Benchtop Rotation Fixture and then inspected in the cleanroom at the Redmond Washington facility. Arkyd 6 will test systems that will be used in the Arkyd 200 asteroid exploration mission with a target launch date of 2020. The first target asteroid resource will be water, which can be split into hydrogen and oxygen using solar energy and used as a fuel source for spacecraft. Luxembourg recently offered a legal and regulatory framework relating to the authorization, supervision, ownership and utilization of valuable space resources identified and extracted on celestial bodies by private operators.

SDL Performing Payload I&T Activities for the ICON Observatory

Space Dynamics Laboratory (SDL) performing payload integration & test activities for the ICON Observatory Spacecraft using a Flotron Rotation Fixture. ICON is scheduled to launch 12/08/2017. ICON will explore how both earth weather and space weather in the ionosphere affect global positioning satellites and radio communications. As of 10/16, the solar arrays are stowed and […]

NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) Camera System

TESS will perform a two year survey of the 200,000 brightest stars in the sky to monitor changes in brightness caused by planetary transits occurring outside of our solar system.  The goal being to identify smaller planets orbiting bright stars, good candidates for new earths and super earths, which can be further characterized along with […]

Flotron Mid-Size Satellite Positioner Supporting JPSS-1 at Vandenberg AFB

The NASA/NOAA JPSS-1 Satellite designed and built by Ball Aerospace Begins Final Preflight Processing at Vandenberg AFB.  The global data from Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS) will be used in numerical weather prediction models to help forecast extreme weather events and improve public warnings.  The satellite was assembled, transported to the launch site and then […]

Small Satellite Cantilevered Rotation Fixture Application

MIT / Lincoln Labs developed, built and prepared for launch the 113 kg, 1.5 meter long ORS-5 SensorSat Space Situational Awareness Small Satellite.  A Flotron CTL-36 Small Satellite Cantilevered Rotation Fixture, part of Flotron’s CTL series, provided the MIT/LL team with ergonomic access during Assembly, Integration and Test operations.  ORS-5 (Sensorsat) is a Low Earth […]

Ball Aerospace Delivers the JPSS-1 Weather Satellite to Launch Site

A Flotron Satellite Positioner transports the Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corp. (BATC) designed, manufactured and tested JPSS-1 NASA/NOAA next generation Weather Satellite to the launch site at Vandenberg AFB this week. The Flotron will upend the satellite vertically where it will be fueled and integrated with the launch vehicle. BATC will support launch operations and on-orbit checkout. JPSS-1 is currently scheduled to launch in November.

Engineered Lift Can Reduce Injuries in the Workplace

For many workers, accessing machinery and hardware during their daily activities can literally put them in a tight spot.   There are several reasons to add Engineered Lift to your rotation device. Reduction in Overuse injuries – When workers must access equipment at awkward angles and bend their bodies into tight spots just to perform […]

The Boeing 777X Is Innovating the Way We Travel and Is Creating American Jobs Along the Way.

The success of the Boeing 777 has prompted Boeing to expand on this line with the addition of the 777X.  This line will include the 777-8X and 777-9X.  In August Boeing announced the 777-9X – Capable of seating up to 400 passengers, the Boeing 777-9x will offer passengers extra room and more space for carry-ons, […]