Rotation Fixtures – What You Should Know

Flotron manufactures a large range of standard commercial off-the-shelf rotation fixtures with load ratings ranging from 50 lbs up to 14,500 lbs. The smaller numbered series are smaller in size and lower in load capacity and similarly, the larger numbered series are larger in size and higher in load capacity. The 200 through 500 series units have a standard dynamic load rating at a safety factor (yield strength) of 2 and the 600 through 1200 series units have a standard dynamic load rating at a safety factor (yield strength) of 3. Other rating and safety factors can be obtained from the load graphs on the specific product data sheets.

In addition to the commercial off-the-shelf catalog product line, Flotron offers modified standard and custom solutions. Modified standards include additional, non-standard features such as Special Casters, Special Finishes and Lubricants, Forklift Tubes, Tow Bars, Ergonomic Push Bars, Drip Pans, as well as Custom Payload Interfaces. For sample imagery and descriptions of these features, click our Modified Standards link above.

Flotron has the capability to design and manufacture one-off custom solutions. We support many different applications with custom tooling solutions and have categorized the most common requests into five different categories: Engineered Lift Systems, Cantilevered Rotation, Multi-Axis Rotate, Precision Alignment, and Large Swing Radius Rotation Fixtures. For sample imagery and descriptions of previous custom solutions, click our Custom Solutions link above.

Background on Holding Fixture Product Line

Flotron has been improving safety, ergonomics and throughput for assembly, integration, testing, finishing & transportation operations for over 50 years. Flotron’s off-the-shelf catalog product line of Rotation Fixtures are proven solutions for ergonomic rotation and consider safety factors backed by engineering stress and stability analyses and in most cases destructive testing results. We support customers in industries across the United States, including aerospace & defense, telecommunications, automotive, electronics and agricultural machinery.

Several examples of applications where Flotron products are used manual composite layup, wiring harness mock-ups and spacecraft positioning.

Flotron’s ISO 9001 Quality Management System and decades of experience in designing and manufacturing rotation fixtures ensures that each customer receives the safest, most reliable, and durable product available. Here are a few things the industry has to say about Flotron’s holding fixtures:

For clarification of technical terms or phrases, please see the Holding Fixtures Definitions page, or Contact our sales engineering team.