Custom Solutions

For special requirements that cannot be resolved with an Off-the-Shelf or Modified Standard Flotron, our experienced team of sales engineers will work with you to design a Custom Solution.

Flotron engineered lift fixtures provide ergonomic height adjustment capability to accommodate various operator heights. Ergonomic lift fixtures can also assist with vertical integration operations.

Flotron cantilevered rotation fixtures interface a customer’s payload from one end. Sometimes this is the only option for assembly, integration and test operations due to customer payload constraints.

Flotron spacecraft (satellite) positioners (upenders) are multi axis rotation fixtures designed to tilt/rotate and provide ergonomic access to all sides of the payload during assembly, integration and test operations. Another example of multi axis rotation is a Flotron two axis gimbal fixture that precisely positions spaceflight hardware and functions as an optical test fixture.

Precision alignment functionality is critical during the installation of sensitive payloads and can eliminate the need for an overhead lifting device. Flotron precision alignment fixtures have also been used effectively as RF test pointing fixtures.

There are cases where large payload envelopes and very heavy payloads exceed the capabilities of Flotron’s off-the-shelf product line and this is where a large swing turnover fixture may be a good fit.