Customer Testimonials

Here are some of the things that the industry has said regarding Flotron’s Extractors & Inserters and Holding Fixtures:

Extractors & Inserters

“Flotron’s extractor design handled 12 variations of modules and saved us from experiencing substantial difficulties.” Project Engineer – Motorola

“The technicians love your tool. It is easy to operate and works well.”Design Engineer – Raytheon Missile Systems

“Coming out to our facility and working with our engineers made all the difference.”Mfg. Engineering Manager – TRW Space & Defense

“Our extraction force was so high I was worried if your tool would pull the modules out. Using a Flotron double handled unit worked perfect.”Engineer – Motorola

“Having you come out on Saturday gave us the jump on the project. Thank you.”Manufacturing Engineer – Litton

“The quick turnaround from Flotron helped keep our project on track.”
Engineer – Gencorp

“Flotron’s extractors are built to last, they are built much stronger than the ones we were using.”
Process Engineer – Northrop Grumman

“The first extractor worked so well, we now have another application for you.”
Engineer – GEC Marconi (now BAE Systems)

Holding Fixtures

“You met a very tight delivery schedule we needed and produced an excellent product too. We gained greater payback than we expected.”
Project Team Leader – Lockheed Martin

“I appreciate your team’s hard work in delivering our order in such a tight timetable. It took just over 3 months from the production design review to delivery.”
Team Leader – Boeing

“The system you designed allowed us to reduce the personnel needed to handle our product from 5 to 1.5 with increased safety.”
Project Engineer – Sundstrand

“The panel fixtures you made for us were of excellent quality and were exactly what we needed.”
Manufacturing Engineer – TRW/ Northrop

“Thank you for all your help in designing and building our antenna fixtures. Flotron’s design has allowed us to do significantly more operations while the antennas are still mounted. Flotron’s fixtures have saved us countless hours.”
Project Engineer – Raytheon

“Your fixtures worked great and were delivered ahead of schedule. You helped make our project a success. Thanks to all of you for your hard work.”
Program Manager – Lockheed Martin

“In past operations, we had to carry our panels from table to table exposing them to potential damage. Your fixtures have saved us many headaches.”
QA Engineer – Northrop Grumman

“Flotron is a pleasure to work with. Your quality is excellent. Your delivery is always great. You are the first people I think of when a need for holding fixtures comes up.”
Purchasing Agent – Boeing

“The rotational fixtures did everything you said they would.”
Advanced Manufacturing Engineer – Raytheon

“Your product has saved us enormous headaches and costs by eliminating the damage to our fiber optics during assembly.”
Manufacturing Engineer – Raytheon