1000 Series Standard Options:

Optional Main Beam Lengths (BXXX):

Main Beams may be ordered in any length between Trunnion Interface Mounts within the limits shown below. “XXX” = length in inches between trunnion interface mounts (1″ increments).

1066 34″ 382″
1090 45″ 371″

Lengths longer than MAX shown above require a special beam.

While the two End Frames can be adjusted toward each other to accommodate smaller length parts, excessively long beams with a small part will leave the Main Beams extending from each End Frame enough to be inconvenient. It therefore is desirable to order the main beam close to the size of the actual part-to-be-handled.

Standard Combination Mounting Plate / Angle Clamp (P26 / A40):

1.Angle Interface (A40) – The Angle Interface offers the most adaptability for customers. Either of the perpendicular surfaces of the angle may be bolted or clamped to. The standard length is 40 inches with 6 bolt holes. The standard finish is clear zinc plate. The A40 Angle is bolted to the P26 Mounting Plate and may be removed if the customer desires to mount directly to the P26.

2. Mounting Plate Interface (P26) – The Part-to-be-handled can be easily bolted to this flange type interface. The standard size is 26″ x 21″ with an eight-hole bolt pattern spaced at 23.5″ x 13.5″ centered on the plate. The hole pattern consists of two rows of 4 holes each. Each row is located 11.750″ from trunnion centerline. The 4 holes within a row are spaced 4.500″ from each other. The total of eight holes will accept up to 1″ diameter bolts. The standard finish is clear zinc plate.

Optional Index Plate (INDSXX):

The standard Index Plates are indexed @ 15° increments to prevent trunnion rotation with a lock pin. Optional Index Plates can be supplied at special increments as required by the customer. The two Index Stops can be bolted into any of the index holes in the Index Plate to prevent rotation beyond a desired point. This is desirable if your part-to-be-handled has a protrudance that could hit the main beam or floor or other obstacle when rotated beyond a certain orientation.

Optional Leveling Jacks (J0, J2):

4 bolt-on Leveling Jacks allow for leveling of the load while in a stationary position. Code J0 is for jack mounting plates only but does not include Jacks. The J0 option allows for future addition of Jacks. Code J2 is for four Leveling Jacks bolted to the holding fixture.

Optional Ground Lug and Drag Chain (E):

For use in electrostatically protected areas (EPA’s). Proper electrostatic discharge (ESD) grounding of the fixture must be a part of the overall EPA design (Click here to see the Technical Section where more information on ESD is located).

Optional Fixture Finishes (N), (C):

1. Electroless nickel plating (N):
This option replaces all zinc-plated parts with either electroless nickel-plated parts or stainless steel parts.

2. Clean Room option (C):
This option is identical to the (N) option but with the addition of electroless nickel-plating on the interior of the end frame slide tubes. The exterior of the gearbox as well as the exterior of the end frames are painted with high gloss urethane or epoxy paint in place of the standard textured enamel paint.

Special Options:

If a standard Holding Fixture does not meet your requirements, contact Flotron about custom modifications. Often minor modifications to a standard unit are all you will need and can be done cost effectively. See here for past examples of our Modified Standards and Custom Solutions.

For 1000 Series – Creating a Model Number, click here.*