200 Series Standard Options:

Optional Cross Beam Lengths (B XXX):

The Cross Beam may be ordered in either of 2 standard lengths. For the style 202 & 212 fixtures, the beam may be ordered as either a B-028 or B-022 (maximum distance between Trunnion Interface Mounts is either 28″ or 22″.) As an option, the beam may be special ordered in lengths from 18″ to 120″ (distance between interface mounts from 10″ to 112″). For the style 208 & 218 fixtures, the beam may be ordered as either a B-027 or B-015 (maximum distance between Trunnion Interface Mounts is either 27″ or 15″.)

Optional Trunnion Interface/Mount/Clamp:

1. Angle Interface (SA10) – The Angle Interface offers the most adaptability for customers. Either of the 2″ perpendicular surfaces of the angle may be bolted or clamped to. The standard length is 10 inches with no bolt holes. The standard finish is clear zinc plate.


2. Mounting Plate Interface (1018) – The part-to-be-handled can be easily bolted to this flange type interface. The standard size is 2″ by 12.5″ with a slotted-hole bolt pattern centered on the plate. The four holes will accept up to ¼” diameter bolts. The standard finish is clear zinc plate.


3. Board Clamp Interface (1023) – The Board Clamp Interface is a 10″ long 2″ x 2″ angle with two screw clamps. It is very convenient for harness boards and similar shaped loads.


Optional Index Plate (IND15):

Indexed @ 15° increments to prevent trunnion rotation with a lock pin. An Index plate can be supplied with either of the mounting interfaces, shown below or the SA10 angle interface.



Optional Fixture Finishes for use in Clean Room (C):

The fixture is supplied with most surfaces electroless nickel plated, the gearbox case (when ordered) is painted with white epoxy and miscellaneous hardware is made of stainless steel.

Optional Ground Lug (E):

For use in electrostatically protected areas (EPA’s). Proper electrostatic discharge (ESD) grounding of the fixture must be part of the overall EPA design. (See Technical section discussion on ESD.

Optional Lubricants:

Krytox GPL 207 (L1) – The trunnions are lubricated with Krytox GPL 207.  Note that this lubricant comes standard on “C” (Clean Room) finish and does not need to be specified.

Braycote 601EF (L2) – The trunnions are lubricated with Braycote 601EF.

Standard Proof Load Test (PLT):

Proof Load Test Procedure:

Dead weight load (no rotation), visual inspection.

  1. Static proof load test.
  2. Vertical load only.
  3. 150% vertical load, 100% torque.    
  4. Hold load for 5 minutes minimum.
  5. Customer may witness test.
  6. Paint and plating covers all welds.
  7. Visually inspect for cracks, deformation, etc.

A deliverable proof load test report will be provided.  The report will include a summary of the test procedure, actual measured weight of load applied, visual inspection results, and images of the test being performed.

Special Options:

If a standard holding fixture does not meet your requirements, contact Flotron about custom modifications. Often, minor modifications to a standard unit are all you will need and can be done cost effectively.

All data presented is based on no modifications to the product.
As Flotron is constantly improving products and methods of manufacturing, we reserve the right to modify and/or change design or specifications without notice. Please contact Flotron for verification of critical dimensions and specifications.

For 200 Series – Creating a Model Number pdf click here

For clarification of terms or phrases, please see the Holding Fixtures Definitions page.