Small Satellite Fixture Standard Options:

Payload Interface (P24):

Standard Ø24” Circular Interface Plate, 20X through holes for 1⁄2” fasteners on Ø22” bolt circle.

Optional Index Plate (IND30):

Indexed @ 30° increments to prevent trunnion rotation with a lock pin.

Optional Casters (C6), (C8):

Heavy Duty Ø6” Caster (C6): 6” diameter x 3” wide heavy duty casters with brakes and swivel locks. Phenolic wheel material.
Heavy Duty Ø8” Caster (C8): 8” diameter x 2 1⁄2” wide heavy duty casters with brakes and swivel locks. Phenolic wheel material.

Optional Fixture Finishes (N), (C):

Electroless nickel plating (N): This option replaces all zinc-plated parts with either electroless nickel-plated parts or stainless steel parts.

Clean Room option (C):

This option is identical to the (N) option but the exterior of the gearbox is painted with high gloss epoxy white paint and base frame is powder coated gloss white. Any exposed black- oxide fasteners are replaced with stainless steel or nickel plated fasteners. Standard lubricants are replaced with Krytox GPL207.

Optional Ground Lug and Drag Chain (E):

For use in electrostatically protected areas (EPA’s). Proper electrostatic discharge (ESD) grounding of the fixture must be a part of the overall EPA design. (See Technical section discussion on ESD.

Tow Bar (T1):

The tow bar can be stowed up at near a 90 degree angle to the floor. By simply removing a clip, the tow bar can be lowered for attachment to a towing vehicle.

Storage Tool Box (BX):

Storage tool box with latches mounted to base frame.

Secondary Axis of Rotation (SA):

An additional structure that is attached to the CTL series that gives the operator a secondary axis of rotation. The product data sheets and associated drawings for the CTL36, CTL48, CTL60 and CTL-AH share additional details regarding the secondary axis (SA) capabilities.

Special Options:

If a standard Cantilevered Rotation Fixture does not meet your requirements, contact Flotron about custom modifications. Often minor modifications to a standard unit is all that is needed and can be done cost effectively. Flotron also offers optional proof load testing services. To create a Model Number, click here.

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