Dual Support / MTAP-4000


Load Rating: 4,000 lbs @ 60”

Swing Radius: 55”

Max Torque: 20,000 in-lbs

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Flotron’s Mobile Two Axis Positioner (MTAP-4000) allows for ergonomic tilting and rotation of the spaceflight hardware while being supported in a cantilevered configuration. The positioner can tilt 90 degrees from horizontal to vertical, or vice versa. The positioner can also rotate the hardware 360 degrees along its longitudinal axis utilizing a two axis UL approved control system. Over-travel limit switches have been incorporated at both ends of the tilt range. The interface has through access which may support propulsion integration or wiring.
The cart can support a 4,000 lb payload with CG located at 60” from the mounting interface and 5” from the rotation centerline considering a ½G side load and 1 G vertical load and SFy = 3 / SFu = 5. Two mechanically synchronized low backlash, non-back driving gearboxes are used for tilting, each of which is capable of supporting the rated moment. The H-frame design provides ergonomic access from either end of the fixture. The maximum available swing envelope is 110”. There are forklift tube pockets for lifting the empty fixture. The positioner is compatible in a Class 1K (ISO 6) clean room.

Product Features

  • Safety Factor:
  • Rated Load Capacity:
  • Operating Temperature:
  • Materials:
  • Finish:

As Flotron is constantly improving products and methods of manufacturing, we reserve the right to modify and/or change design or specifications without notice. Please contact Flotron for verification of critical dimensions and specifications.

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