Dual Support / SU-2500


Load Rating: 2,500 lbs @ 30”

Swing Radius: optional

Max Torque: 20,000 in-lbs

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Flotron’s Satellite Upender (SU-2500) can rotate 90 degrees from horizontal to vertical, or vice versa to allow for solar array deployment, satellite integration, or pass through hallways and doorways among other applications. There are counterweights to reduce the load on the gearboxes. The SU-2500 allows for ergonomic transportation of small satellites during their move through a customer’s facility.
The cart can support a 2,500 lb payload with a 30” CG offset from the interface plate. A hard stop with audible alarms limits the travel to prevent damage to the payload. Custom modifications are available; however, stability and keep out zones will limit the design. The upender will have optional fixed interface or pinned second axis of rotation.

Product Features

  • Safety Factor:
  • Rated Load Capacity:
  • Operating Temperature:
  • Materials:
  • Finish:

As Flotron is constantly improving products and methods of manufacturing, we reserve the right to modify and/or change design or specifications without notice. Please contact Flotron for verification of critical dimensions and specifications.

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