SDL Performing Payload I&T Activities for the ICON Observatory

Space Dynamics Laboratory (SDL) performing payload integration & test activities for the ICON Observatory Spacecraft using a Flotron Rotation Fixture. ICON is scheduled to launch 12/08/2017. ICON will explore how both earth weather and space weather in the ionosphere affect global positioning satellites and radio communications. As of 10/16, the solar arrays are stowed and pre-ship testing is almost complete. Orbital ATK is preparing for integration with the Pegasus launch vehicle at Vandenberg AFB towards the end of October.

An off-the-shelf 700 series Rotation Fixture is shown below supporting the integration activities and provides adequate swing clearance without sacrificing ergonomic operating height. The rating of this Engineered solution considers the appropriate dynamic loading condition and safety factors. The Flotron is compatible in an ISO 6, CLASS 1K clean room environment. All of the moving parts and hardware are either electro-less nickel plated or stainless steel. The end frames are finished with gloss white powder coat. Compatible lubricants have been specified. The gearbox is sealed and pressure tested. Leveling jacks have been incorporated to level the Flotron on uneven floors and help to stabilize the fixture. The caster wheels were selected to maximize rollability while considering payload sensitivity during transport. Learn more about Flotron’s 700 series rotation fixtures.